Zubeda Welcome


About Zubeda Welcome

Zubeda welcome: madrasa fees for refugees is a non profit charity which helps refugees and asylum seekers retain their faith by giving them access to free high standard islamic education. Please support us to help the next generation of refugees maintain their faith and learn about their deen so it doesn’t get lost. You can apply or enquire via our website zubedawelcome.org: ▪️If you’re a refugee who reeds help ▪️If you’re an institution who want to be a provider ▪️If you know a refugee who can’t speak English and want to refer them ▪️If you want to be a volunteer ▪️if you’re a charity or a funder who wants to be one of their partners ▪️if you want to help them raise awareness through your media channels ▪️or If you want to donate

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