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About MAA Charity

You might be wondering who Maa is? Maa is short for Maternal Aid Association. We are a charity with the vision of revolutionising the maternal healthcare system in developing countries. We believe that by giving mothers free and accessible care, we can change the life journey of not only that mother but of her precious child. OneMaa is at the core of our revolution- it is a primary healthcare model which emphasises the following: Educated Communities Specialist Workforce Connected Healthcare System We hope to replicate this model throughout the developing world, to ensure all mothers have access to the care they need. So far we have camps running in Bangladesh and have opened our first Widows centre in Afghanistan this year, where we support widows with their basic needs. 2023 is a big year for Maa! We are fundraising to open a dedicated Natural Birthing Centre in Bangladesh! Alongside this, we have our Break the Cycle campaign, to provide reusable sanitary pad packs for women and young girls in the Subcontinent and reduce period poverty!

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