Rumah Zakat Indonesia


About Rumah Zakat Indonesia

We are a organization based in Indonesia that collect, manage, and distribute Zakat and other charity and humanitarian funds. We strive to be the best NGO in channelling happiness between donors and beneficiaries. Rumah Zakat is not only committed to be a trusted, progressive and professional institution, but also to collaborate with various parties to empower societies across the world. We are actively participating in building international philanthropy networks, encouraging and facilitating independence, and optimizing all related aspects of resources through human excellence. Rumah Zakat has received recognition from the UN in the form of ECOSOC Consultation status since 2016 and Alhamdulillah, received the trust to be the best organization in Zakat Management 2020, GIFA Excellence Award 2020.

Charities and influencers can join our intensive fundraising training program where you’ll receive expert mentorship, exclusive campaign boosts, exposure to new charities and opportunities, and membership in a global influencer network.

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