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About Good deed charity Organisation

Good Deed Charity Organisation is a  registered charity in the United Kingdom and also has a branch in Germany that is exclusively focused on supporting the needy in Yemen. Our Charity is also registered in Yemen. Our sole goal is to alleviate the poverty and suffering faced by populations in Yemen. The distinctive nature of our work and stand out feature is that we have a team on the ground in Yemen to implement our projects. We have an established office in Yemen, which is run by local staff. Regular updates of these projects given to use via photographs and videos which are then passed on to our donors. Our vision is to be the catalyst for change in Yemen. To aid and support as many people as humanely possible. We only have a single focus! Even before the war broke out in Yemen, it was one of the poorest countries in the Middle East. But now the people of Yemen face the worlds worst humanitarian crisis, millions of people are without essential necessities such as food, water, medicine and shelter. We are ready to help these people but need your support. We have a 100% donation policy to ensure your money makes the biggest possible impact. What makes us distinct from other charities, is that we are registered in yemen as well and have our own team on the ground in Yemen implementing our projects and supervising all charity work. This allows us to share with you (the donor) videos and photos highlighting the direct impact of your donations on an on-going basis, thus establishing trust and continuous accountability to all our donors! Our local knowledge means we can carry out the work quickly and effectively in areas of Yemen where others can’t. The unique nature of our programmes and our reach has made us a trusted delivery partner for numerous other charities. Good Deed Charity was founded by Dr Mohammed Alazani, father of 6, and a distinguished cardiovascular surgeon in Germany. Dr. Mohammed is originally from Yemen, and he took it upon himself to help the people of his country. At first alone, then with a group of his medical colleagues. In 2019, he realized he could do much more with a registered charity and local office in Yemen and established Good Deed Charity. Today, Good Deed Charity is one of only 2 charities in Europe that has a registered office in Yemen

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